There is no health without mental health

Psychologists at the health care centres

Psychologists at the capital area health care centres treat children and teens and their families as well as adults 18 and older. 

Psychologists work as part of interdisciplinary teams and in close collaboration with schools and social services. 

The health care centre’s doctors refer patients to psychologists within a centre, so the first step is to book an appointment with a GP. 

Below is information about the services offered at all of our health care centres. 

Arrangement of services can differ between the health care centres. Specific information can be found on the homepage of your health care centre.

Specialised services

Psychologists also work at HH’s offices which provide specialised services. 

The specialised offices include the Childrens mental health centre (Geðheilsumiðstöð barna), the Mental Health Teams East, South and West, (Geðheilsuteymi HH austursuður og vestur), the ADHD adult mental team (Geðheilsuteymi ADHD fullorðinna), the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Mental Health team Geðheilsuteymi taugaþroskaraskanaand the HH Prison Mental Health Team (Geðheilsuteymi fangelsa). 

Psychological services for children and teens

Psychologists at the health care centres provide children with treatment for behavioural and emotional problems and offer counseling for their parents.  

Referral for psychological services

  • Doctors at the health care centres send a referral to a psychologist for further assessment and inform you about the wait time

Services of psychologists

  • Treatment for children and teens (under 18 years) for mild to moderately serious emotional and behavioural problems
    • Usually requires 4-6 consultations 
  • Counseling consultations with parents in cases of young children or adolescents dealing with behavioural problems
    • Usually requires 1-3 consultations
  • Treatment of children is always carried out in collaboration with parents/guardians
  • Some health care centres offer group classes for children with anxiety or depression


Psychologists at the health care centres collaborate with doctors, nurses and midwives at the centre.

Other partners include, for instance, social services and specialist services for schools, the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the National Hospital, the State Diagnostics and Counseling Centre, the Developmental and Behavioural Centre and child welfare services.

Psychological services for adults 18 years and older

Psychologists work in interdisciplinary teams with doctors and nurses and receive referrals from the health care centres’ doctors.

The services provided by psychologists include assessment, treatment plan and psychotherapy, both individual and group therapy. The services also extend to women in antenatal care and infant care.

Emphasis is placed on treating depression, anxiety and trauma where the problem is mild or moderately severe.

If during a consultation a problem proves to be severe, then the patient is referred for appropriate treatment outside of the health care centre.

Psychological treatment during pregnancy and after childbirth

Psychologists work in interdisciplinary teams with doctors, midwives and nurses. They provide psychological services during pregnancy and after childbirth.

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