Service that suits everybody at reception

The reception at your health care centre is open from 8:00 to 16:00, where nurses help people of all ages with various health issues. 

Walk-in hours during the day

It is recommended that you first contact us by phone 1700 or on Heilsuvera's online chat to get some advice on what to do.

Walk-in reception is open during work-day hours. It receives patients with urgent health concerns and handles minor accidents.  

The health care centre handles all issues that arise, either by providing the necessary service on site or by referring to the relevant channel.

Appointments with a nurse

It is possible to book an appointment to see a nurse.

Pre-booked appointments concern non-urgent matters such as wound care, stitches and small operations. 

Lifestyle and diabetes counseling is also available. 

Nurses also carry out tasks related to health protection, preventative care and lifestyle.

Health-promoting services

A nurse assesses the well-being and need for health-promoting services in consultation with the patient.

We emphasise an individualised approach, support for change and realistic goal-setting.

Nurses collaborate with other health care professionals as necessary.

Health-promoting services are often beneficial after a consultation with a doctor, but you can also contact a nurse at your health care centre if you need this service. 

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