This is what we do at our health care centres

This service is available at all of our health care centres. You can find more information about the arrangement of our services on your centre’s home page.

If you have questions about where to turn for information, you can get advice from a nurse through Heilsuvera’s online chat or by calling the health care centre.

Appointment with a doctor

You can book an appointment to meet with a doctor. If the issue cannot wait, you can be seen during walk-in after-hours, same-day appointment or at the health care centre’s urgent care service. 

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Walk-in services are provided for abrupt illnesses and minor accidents. Small procedures can also be performed and bandages can be changed. 

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Phone consultations and electronic communication

It is always possible to consult with a nurse by phone, but a phone consultation with a doctor must be booked the same day. On the Heilsuvera website, it is easy to chat electronically with those who take care of you at the health care centre. 

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Prescriptions and renewal of medication

Medications are prescribed during a consultation with a doctor, but some medications can be renewed electronically on Heilsuvera or by phone. Please also familiarize yourself with multi-use prescriptions and medication dosages.

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Psychological services

Psychologists at the health care centres handle the treatment of children and adolescents and their families after a referral from a doctor. HAM group therapy for adults is also available.

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Exercise cards

Physiotherapists create an exercise plan and provide supervision and support. 

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In addition to regular vaccinations for children, vaccinations are also offered for travel, influenza and more. 

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Blood tests, urine tests, various measurements and tests as needed.

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Certificates and referrals

GPs issue certificates and make referrals to other specialists. 

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Victims of Sexual Violence

Guidance and advice for victims of sexual offence

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Antenatal care

Antenatal care is the beginning of health care service. Expectant mothers can go to a health care centre in their neighbourhood or choose another centre and sign up there.

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Well-child care

Well-child care takes over when the family returns home and the midwives’ home care service ends.

What we do in newborn and infant care

School health care

School nurses are in the schools and continue health care services with education, screenings and vaccinations. 

Information about health care for school-aged children

Health-promoting services

We help you lead a healthy lifestyle with measurements, advice and support, often following a disease diagnosis. 

We provide this assistance in health-promoting services

Health care for the elderly

Health care for the elderly helps you handle the health challenges of the senior years 

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