Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine at health care centres

Mynd af frétt Fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine at health care centres
All those 80 years old and older, as well as those with underlying illnesses, are recommended to receive a 4th dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

All health care centres offer specific vaccination days. Appointments need to be made via telephone or through My Pages at

To be eligible for a 4th dose of the vaccine at least 4 months have to have elapsed since the 3rd dose or 3 months since the last COVID-19 infection.

Those who are unvaccinated or have not had a 3rd dose can also make an appointment to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

We encourage those groups to make an appointment at a health care centre.

COVID-19 vaccinations are performed at the health care centres these days:

Heilsugæslan Árbæ - Tuesdays  13:00 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Efra-Breiðholti - Wednesdays  13:00 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Efstaleiti - Thursdays  13:20 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Fjörður - Wednesdays  14:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Garðabæ - Wednesdays  13:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Glæsibæ - Tuesdays  9:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Grafarvogi - Tuesdays  13:00 o’clock (not July 19th - August 16th)
Heilsugæslan Hamraborg - Tuesdays  13:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Hlíðar - Thursdays  9:20 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Hvammi - Mondays  10:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Miðbæ - Wednesdays  13:00 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Mjódd - Tuesdays  14:30 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Mosfellsumdæmi - Tuesdays  13:00 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Seltjarnarnesi og Vesturbæ - Mondays 13:00 o’clock
Heilsugæslan Sólvangi - Wednesdays  14:30 o’clock

These times are subject to change due to summer vacations of staff.