Heilsugæsla höfuðborgarsvæðisins (HH)

Primary Health Care of the Capital Area

We operate fifteen health care centres in Reykjavík, Seltjarnarnes, Mosfellsbær, Kópavogur, Garðabær, and Hafnarfjörður, where we provide coordinated services.

We have five mental health teams: Mental Health Team HH East, South and West, Mental Health Team Family Care and Mental Health Team Prison.

We also oversee specialised care service centres: in-home nursing in Hafnarfjörður, Garðabær and Kópavogur, Development and Behaviour Centre, Outpatient Infectious Disease Clinic, Development Centre of Icelandic Health Care Centres as well as support services in the office.

Heilsuvera is a collaborative project between us and the Directorate of Health. There you can communicate with health care centre staff and learn about health and the factors impacting it.  

Mission, goals and values

The mission of HH is:

to provide the residents of the capital area with accessible, continuous and comprehensive health care services. The service is based on professional experience and extensive interdisciplinary collaboration. 

The goals of HH are:

  • to provide those who seek it with effective and good health care
  • to offer continuous, accessible and holistic services
  • to conduct a successful and efficient operation
  • to ensure that the overall organisation and division of tasks within and between health care centres supports a vision for the future
  • to use appropriate and efficient information technology
  • conduct continuous and ambitious research and educational work

The values of HH are respect, cooperation, professionalism

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