Grafarvogur Health Care Centre temporarily moved to Árbær

Mynd af frétt Grafarvogur Health Care Centre temporarily moved to Árbær

Due to ongoing renovations to the Grafarvogur Health Care Centre premises in Spöngin, all health-related operations will be moved to Hraunbær 115 in Árbær until the renovations are completed.
The services that are currently in Spöngin will be transferred to Hraunbær on Thursday 23 February. The reception desk will be closed for walk-ins on that day, but the phone will be open, and nurses will give advice over the phone. Other activities will remain largely unchanged.
We hope the renovated facilities at Spöngin will be ready early next year. Due to the construction-related disruptions, all the activities of the health care center must be moved. The centre’s temporary location will be at Hraunbær 115 in 110 Árbær. This is the same building where Árbær Health Care Centre is located. Grafarvogur’s Health Care Centre will be on the first floor of the building.

  • Well-child care, antenatal care, physical therapy, children’s psychological services, health care for the elderly, and diabetic care will be located at the east end of the first floor. The entrance is on the right at the end of the building.
  • Walk-ins, appointments with a doctor, and appointments with a nurse will be located at the west end of the first floor. You can use the same entrance used for Lyfja Pharmacy and the Árbær Health Care Centre. 

The staff of the Primary Health Care of the Capital Area apologise for any inconvenience caused by these renovations. We will strive to provide first-class service in Árbær, and we look forward to welcoming you to the renovated premises in Spöngin as soon as the construction is finished.

To get there
To get from Spöngin to Hraunbær 115 by Strætó, you can take Bus #6 and get off at the stop Ártún A (which is on the bridge). Walk down the footpath to the Ártún D stop (which is under the bridge) and take Bus #16. Get off at the Bæjarbraut stop, and from there it’s a two-minute walk to Hraunbær 115 (the Árbær Health Care Centre is in the same building).