Grafarvogur Health Care Centre - New temporary location

Mynd af frétt Grafarvogur Health Care Centre - New temporary location

The Capital Area Health Care Centres intend to significantly improve services for Grafarvogur residents. Extensive improvements will be made to the premises of the Spöngin health care centre. The goal is for the Grafarvogur health care centre to offer first-class services with first-class facilities.  

Unfortunately, we need to temporarily close the building, and regular service will be provided at three locations until renovations are complete:

  • Spöngin 37, 2. floor (same entrance as Grafarvogur Physical Therapy): Urgent care for minor accidents and acute illnesses, consultations with a nurse and psychological services for children.
  • Hraunbær 115, 1. floor at the eastern end: Antenatal care, cervical screening, newborn and infant care, consultations with a doctor, physical therapy, diabetes consultations and health care for the elderly. All pre-booked appointments.
  • Hraunbær 115, 2. floor (Arbaer Health Care Centre): Blood tests - from 20 June.

The Grafarvogur Health Care Centre  will be closed on June 30 and Spöngin 37 will also be closed on  July 1 but services will be offered at Hraunbær 115 beginning on 1 July. Blood test will be relocated to Árbær from 20 June.

The phone numbers are still the same: 

  • Reception 513-5600  (8:00-16:00) 
  • Prescription renewal 513-5602 (9:00-11:00) 

We apologise that we are temporarily unable to provide services in one place within the neighbourhood, but we look forward to welcoming you in renovated facilities. If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Please send an e-mail to

Getting there

To get from Spöngin to Hraunbær 115 by bus, you can take route #6 and disembark at the bus stop Artun A (which is on the bridge).

Walk down the footpath to the Artun D bus stop (which is under the bridge) and take route #16.

Disembark at the Baejarbraut bus stop and from there it is a two-minute walk to Hraunbaer 115 (Arbaer Health Care Centre is in the same building). 

Updated on June 30