Second vaccination of children born in 2016

Mynd af frétt Second vaccination of children born in 2016

Information for children and adults about the vaccination of children against COVID-19 in multiple languages:

The second vaccination of children born in 2016 in the capital area will take place in Laugardalshöll from February 7 to February 11, 2022. At that point, 3 weeks have passed from the first dose. The child should come in at the same time and same weekday as the first time.

If a child was diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease after the first vaccination, 3 months should pass from the date of diagnosis before they get the second dose.

Children of 5 to 11 years who have not yet received the first dose are always welcome to Laugardalshöll. 

Vaccination schedule for children born in 2016:

  • Monday, February 7th - Children born in January and February
  • Tuesday, February 8th - Children born in  March, April and May
  • Wednesday, February 9th - Children born in June, July and August
  • Thursday, February 10th - Children born in September and October
  • Friday, February 11th - Children born in November and December

The child comes in to Laugardalshöll with a companion at the correct date according to month of birth. The companion is with the child the entire time. Masks are mandatory for both adults and children.

Consent/request for vaccination 

See information about consent for vaccination here: Vaccination of children born in 2016

Further information: