Vaccination of school children in Laugardalshöll

Mynd af frétt Vaccination of school children in Laugardalshöll

This news item will be updated as changes may occur. 

The Chief Epidemiologist has decided to invite the parents of children between the ages of 5 and 11 to have their children vaccinated against COVID-19.

Information for children and adults about the vaccination of children against COVID-19 in multiple languages:

Vaccinations of elementary school children in the capital area will be conducted in Laugardalshöll between 10. January and 14. January, 2022

Consent/request for vaccination 

This vaccination is always voluntary.

Children must be registered for the vaccination by a parent or a legal guardian. A link to the registration site: 

On the page you can:

  • register your child for vaccination
  • authorise others to accompany the child when they come in for a vaccination
  • reject/ postpone vaccination

When a child has been registered for vaccination, a barcode is sent by text message. It is the guardian‘s responsibility to forward the barcode if they wish for someone else to accompany the child to their vaccination. Showing the barcode on the vaccination site is therefore equivalent to giving consent.

Further information: Process to opt in or out of COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year old children will be live 7. January 2022 

Vaccinations of school children will be conducted from 12:00 to 18:00 pm Monday to Thursday and from 12:00 to 16:00 pm on Friday

The child comes in to Laugardalshöll with a the correct time according to the schools vaccination day and month of birth. The companion is with the child the entire time and waits with the child after the vaccination. Siblings may come and get vaccinated at the same time. Masks are mandatory for both adults and children.

Monday, January 10th to Thursday, January 13th

12.00 Children born in January
12.30 Children born in February
13.00 Children born in March
13.30 Children born in April
14.00 Children born in May
14.30 Children born in June
15.00 Children born in July
15.30 Children born in August
16.00 Children born in September
16.30 Children born in October
17.00 Children born in November
17.30 Children born in December

Friday the 14th of January is a shorter vaccination day.

12.00 Children born in January
12.15 Children born in  February
12.30 Children born in March 13.00 Children born in April 13.15 Children born in May 13.30 Children born in June 14.00 Children born in í July 14.15 Children born in August 14.30 Children born in September
16.30 Children born in October
15:15 Children born in November 15.30 Children born in December

Vaccination days arranged by schools

Alþjóðaskólinn - 11.1.2022
Arnarskóli - 11.1.2022 - Vaccination at the school
Austurbæjarskóli - 12.1.2022
Álfhólsskóli  - 11.1.2022
Álftamýrarskóli - 11.1.2022
Álftanesskóli - 12.1.2022
Árbæjarskóli - 13.1.2022
Ártúnsskóli  - 12.1.2022
Áslandsskóli  - 12.1.2022
Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar in Garðabær - 11.1.2022
Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar in Hafnarfjörður - 10.1.2022
Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar in Reykjavík - 10.1.2022
Borgarskóli - 12.1.2022
Breiðagerðisskóli - 13.1.2022
Breiðholtsskóli - 12.1.2022
Brúarskóli - 14.1.2022 - Vaccination at the school
Dalskóli - 12.1.2022
Engidalsskóli - 10.1.2022
Engjaskóli - 10.1.2022
Fellaskóli - 10.1.2022
Flataskóli - 14.1.2022
Foldaskóli - 13.1.2022
Fossvogsskóli - 12.1.2022
Grandaskóli - 11.1.2022
Hamraskóli - 11.1.2022
Háteigsskóli - 12.1.2022
Helgafellsskóli - 11.1.2022
Hlíðaskóli - 13.1.2022
Hofsstaðaskóli - 10.1.2022
Hólabrekkuskóli - 12.1.2022
Hraunvallaskóli - 13.1.2022
Húsaskóli - 14.1.2022
Hvaleyrarskóli  - 14.1.2022
Hvassaleitisskóli - 11.1.2022
Hörðuvallaskóli - 12.1.2022
Ingunnarskóli - 11.1.2022
Ísaksskóli - 11.1.2022
Kársnesskóli - 12.1.2022
Klettaskóli - 14.1.2022 - Vaccination at the school
Klébergsskóli - 10.1.2022
Kópavogsskóli - 10.1.2022
Krikaskóli - 10.1.2022
Landakotsskóli - 10.1.2022
Langholtsskóli - 13.1.2022
Laugarnesskóli - 13.1.2022
Lágafellsskóli - 12.1.2022
Lindaskóli - 10.1.2022
Lækjarskóli - 13.1.2022
Melaskóli - 13.1.2022
Mýrarhúsaskóli - 12.1.2022
Norðlingaskóli - 14.1.2022
Rimaskóli - 14.1.2022
Salaskóli - 11.1.2022
Selásskóli - 10.1.2022
Seljaskóli - 11.1.2022
Setbergsskóli - 11.1.2022
Sjálandsskóli - 13.1.2022
Skarðshlíðarskóli - 14.1.2022
Smáraskóli - 13.1.2022
Snælandsskóli - 11.1.2022
Suðurhlíðarskóli - 11.1.2022
Sæmundarskóli - 11.1.2022
Urriðaholtsskóli - 11.1.2022
Varmárskóli -13.1.2022
Vatnsendaskóli - 13.1.2022
Vesturbæjarskóli - 11.1.2022
Víðistaðaskóli  - 11.1.2022
Vogaskóli - 11.1.2022
Waldorfsskóli - 14.1.2022
Ölduselsskóli - 13.1.2022
Öldutúnsskóli - 12.1.2022

Frequently Asked Questions

If your child is specially sensitive and needs more privacy in the vaccination, you must inform the employee who scans at the reception.

Children who are ill or in quarantine on the vaccination day should wait to get vaccinated until they are well, and if the illness is related to COVID-19, then until 3 months after their diagnosis with COVID-19.

Children that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should not receive a vaccine until 3 months after their day of diagnosis. 

Children with history of anaphylaxis after vaccination or another injected drug should not be vaccinated unless a specialist in allergy medicine determines vaccination can be done safely.

Laugardalshöll will remain open to children who can‘t come at their given time.

If someone arrives without a barcode, the National ID Number will be looked up. That way we will check if vaccination has been requested and who is allowed to accompany the child. In these situations we will ask for identification.

Parents that do not have an electronic ID can come to the information desk at Laugardalshöll to register the child. Legal identification must be presented.

Children who don‘t have an Icelandic National ID Number can be registered for vaccination at (not up yet, but a link will be published here soon).

Registration for vaccination follows the legislation for clinical records. Only health care workers that work directly with an individual will have access to their personal information. Information is never passed to a third party. Therefore, staff in schools will not receive information about which child is vaccinated and which child isn‘t.

If a child‘s parent rejects/postpones vaccination then the child can go home from school when the children in their school are invited to be vaccinated.

We will begin with vaccinating elementary school children. Then kindergarten children born in 2016 will be invited to receive a vaccination. Kindergarten children born in 2017 will also be invited to receive a vaccination after turning 5 years old. Further information and protocol will be published later on this site and relayed to parents.

Further information: