Vaccination schedule - weeks 29 -34

Mynd af frétt Vaccination schedule - weeks 29 -34

Mass vaccinations in the capital area are now finished for the time being and summer break has begun. 

In the coming weeks, vaccinations will be given as needed at Suðurlandsbraut 34. Vaccination will take place every work-day promptly at 14:00.

People can come there to receive the Janssen or Pfizer vaccine. Second doses of AstraZeneca are offered Mondays through Thursdays, and second doses of Moderna are offered on Wednesdays. 

These vaccination days are for those who can’t wait until after mid-August, and the maximum daily is 100 individuals. As there is only a minimum number of staff, people have to expect some delays. (Updated July 20)

This does not apply to children ages 12 to 15 except in special circumstances. For instance if people are moving abroad or the children have risk factors with regard to serious illness due to COVID-19.  The Chief Epidemiologist does not recommend general vaccination against COVID-19 in healthy children ages 12 to 15 at this time. 

See also: Additional frequently asked questions about vaccinations

If you need additional information, you can contact the online chat on The online chat is open every day from 8:00 to 22:00.
Week 33 (16 - 20 August)

This week there will be revaccination with Pfizer at Laugardalshöll.

Week 34 (23 - 27 August)

Vaccinations for children aged 12-15 will be on 23. and 14. august in Laugardalshöll. See more here: Bólusetning barna.

Updated: 10. August