Getting ready for birth

1st session:

  • Introduction                        
  • Getting ready for birth: preparing and planning;  labour approaching;
    onset of labour
  • Natural childbirth: onset of labour; the process

2nd session:

  • The birth companion
  • Resources: pain-relieving methods 
    •   without medication  
    •   with medication 
  • Obstetric intervention

It is recommended that the course is completed before 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

The class is lead by a midwife.

The lecture room is at Mjódd, Þönglabakki 1, 2nd floor (Þroska- og hegðunarstöð) .

It is important to arrive on time because the entrance will be closed when the course begins.

Information: 513-5000

Admission fee: 11.475 kr., please pay as you register.

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